Skinny Girl In Transit: Watch finale of Season 4

Skinny Girl in Transit

The finale of Skinny Girl In Transit Season 4 promises to leave you emotional.

We have come to the end of season 4 of Skinny Girl In Transit.

It has been a roller coaster ride in this season and the finale promises to go out with a bang. Thins took a sad turn when Tiwa told 'Mide about Fabrice.

The big proposal never happened and our hearts got broken. Can love still conquer the day in this finale. Hmmm…it seems this the episode for the 'sisters' to shine.


Shalewa steps up to the plate and asks 'Mide to make a final decision about his relationship with Tiwa. No spoilers here, just a great finale for you to watch.

P.S if you love the soundtrack of Skinny Girl In Transit Season 4, you can listen to all the great songs HERE

We can't wait for Season 5!

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