5 strange museums around the world

These museums are certainly odd but really interesting to browse through.

From funny toilet museums and broken relationships to a water museum, here are five strange museums from around the world.

These museums are certainly odd but really interesting to travel for and browse through.

1. Museum of Toilets, New Delhi


Don't go to India’s capital without visiting the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets.

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Browse their collection of several hundred toilet basins and seats that date back as far as 2500 BC, and extend to modern day electronic models from Japan, South Korea and beyond. Visitors can even find royal ‘thrones’ used by kings and emperors of the Middle Ages, as well as Queen Victoria’s highly-decorated floral basin.

2. The Museum of Drinking Water, Taiwan

Taiwan’s Museum of Drinking Water attracts all kinds of visitors, from newly-wed couples to families that are making a splash in the water park that surrounds it.

The park traces the history of Taiwan’s water system, but despite its simple subject, there is an abundance of activities – from the pipe sculpture area and purification plant, to its floral nursery and water pump station.

3. The Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

In this museum, you find an axe that was used to chop up an ex-partner’s belongings and a stiletto that has been kissed by a submissive.

It may sound heartless to exhibit the sentimental relics of relationships gone by, but this unique concept crossed oceans from Zagreb to Los Angeles after the second Museum of Broken Relationships opened in 2016.

4. Museum of Death, USA

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One thing is for sure, the Museum of Death isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Housing severed heads, gory photos, and the world’s largest collection of serial murder artwork, expect everything from body bags and coffin collections to human skulls and staged murder scenes.

Once you’ve been lured in by the lights and skeletons, fate will pave your way through the maze of obscure and questionable artefacts that have been gathered over the years.

Following the museum's initial success in Hollywood, the owners of this eerie initiative expanded to New Orleans' French Quarter.

5. Derwent Pencil Museum

Visit the home of the world’s very first manufactured pencil.

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It's impossible to miss the 26ft giant pencil that takes centre-stage, and it's worth seeking out the secret Second World War stationery and miniature sculptures too.

What started as a discovery of graphite in Borrowdale Valley transformed and over 200 years later the Derwent Pencil Museum stands in the same place as the original factory.

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