A tech survey answered by Nigerian software developers shows surprising results.

A tech survey by Deventer which was answered by Nigerian software developers showed surprising results.

Devnter Square, an on-demand software development company, recently released the data from its survey it gave to Nigerian developers in the tech ecosystem.

The data answers questions not often asked and provides information ranging from the most popular programming language among developers, their income level, the average developer's age, which platforms they develop software for, to their plans for the future of work.


Although women are being encouraged to explore tech opportunities, it appears not enough women are in the industry still.


A large percentage of people involved in the tech industry are relatively young.


Data from the survey shows that Nigerian tech work experience doesn't go much beyond 8 years.

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Most Nigerian developers gained skills and knowledge by self teaching themselves which shows there is a great need to have institutions to cater to these needs.


A lot of Nigerian developers rarely had more than a bachelor's degree and rather it appears they didn't feel the need to.


A large percentage of software development was done for web than other platforms.

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