Does it make sense to meet my girlfriend's mum after just 3 weeks?

She got things mixed up two days before Valentine's day, told me to walk away and has refused to talk to me since then.

I'm sending this from Lagos.

I have an issue with my girlfriend at the moment; just because I brought up the issue of Valentine and how are we going to celebrate it, she got upset and said that I should walk away.

Just because I have no job at the moment and she has been there for me all this while, buys gifts for me and I’ve not been able to buy her any because I’m not working.

During Christmas and New Year, I was unable to buy her any gift. Even on her birthday on the 7th of January I couldn't come up with anything.

I’ve tried all I could but nothing is coming but I do share the little money I have with her sometimes.

She got things mixed up on February 12th and said that I should walk away.  My heart has been heavy since then. I cried all night, I sent her messages no reply.

I'm confused don't know what went wrong, to me love is above every other things, is it that she placed material things above love or what?

I think you should give her some time to let her make up her mind on what she wants. You can not force anyone to be in a relationship with you and when someone gets fed up with a situation, there’s literally nothing you can do to change that.

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Yes, love supersedes all. I agree with you. At the same time, our society has been shaped in such a way that men are placed in a position of spending to prove love and doing the most to keep the relationships going.

Women do so too, but it is still considered an aberration more than the norm. This could be what has gotten to your girlfriend.

I don’t think there’s anything you can do than to wait it out and see when she’s ready to tell you what the problem is.
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